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Leather Care Instructions

Leather Care Instructions:

Leather is a very durable material if it is taken care of properly. In order to keep your Tanned and Beautiful earrings looking their best we have a few suggestions:

  •  Lay them flat or hang them up for storage. If leather is left bent or curled for too long it will keep that shape. 
  • We do not recommend storing your earrings in your bathroom. Leather can become damaged by exposure to makeup, water, and hair products. We recommend adding your Tanned and Beautiful earrings as a finishing touch after your daily routine is done.
  • To clean your earrings you can wipe them with a damp cloth but be very careful as water can take away from the colour of your earrings. Water is used in the tanning process and therefore can alter the appearance of leathers. Oil based cleaners will also discolour your leather earrings and we do not recommend their usage. 
  • If your earrings do become bent for any reason they can be flattened using an iron. Be very careful when attempting this. Be sure to cover the earring with a clean cloth or towel and lightly steam the earring with a slightly warm iron. Be sure that the iron is not too hot and do not apply the iron directly to the leather, always use a towel or cloth in between.

If you have any other questions or concerns please email us at