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What materials are your earrings made out of?

All of our earrings are made from 100% genuine leather. All of our earring hooks are either Sterling Silver-filled or Gold-filled and not plated. This makes them work for sensitive ears as well. For anyone who is still concerned about their sensitive ears we do have the option of surgical steel hooks available upon request at check-out. 


I lost an earring, now what?

Since our earrings are so lightweight it is very easy to lose one without even noticing! We do send rubber earring backs with all of our earrings but lost earrings still do happen. Send us an email at and we will look into getting you a replacement.


What size of earrings do you suggest?

Our most popular earring size is size medium followed by small in the classic shape. Women with long hair tend to gravitate towards the small size and women with shorter hair towards the medium and large. The medium and large earrings do get more attention. That being said, it all comes down to personal preference. Please take a look at our size comparison chart for a better idea of which size to order. 


Why can't I order the Geometric earrings in size small?

The Geometric earrings only come in size medium and large. These earrings are more slender than the classic shape and they appear smaller while wearing them, that is why we do not offer them in size small. If you are concerned about the sizes please take a peak at our size comparison chart


I ordered the wrong size, can I exchange?

No problem! E-mail us at and we will be happy to help you out with that. Please be aware that some leathers are more limited than others and we can only exchange sizes if the desired size is still available. 


The earrings I wanted are sold out, will you be getting more in?

Some leathers are more readily available than others, this means that some leathers we can buy more of and some are going to be very limited. We will also be switching out some of our colours and styles based on the season. Since we can't guarantee that we will get more of a specific leather in it's recommended that you if see a pair you absolutely love then don't wait to purchase them! If you did miss out on a pair then keep checking back to see if it has been re-stocked!