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About us

Tanned and Beautiful was started in late 2015 by Chelsea Rice with the support of her husband Blake. All her life she had very sensitive ears and could only wear a very limited selection of small earrings made out of expensive sterling silver or pure gold.

After years of wishing she could wear big statement earrings she decided enough was enough! She began looking for materials that she could use to make big statement earrings that wouldn't hurt her ears and one day she found it! She found that leather was lightweight, durable, and through the tanning process could be transformed into so many beautiful colours, designs, and patterns. After days of wearing them non-stop she realized that she was really onto something. Wearing her earrings she felt confident, beautiful, and unstoppable.

This was a feeling that was so easy to achieve and she wanted to share this with women all over so Tanned and Beautiful was born. Chelsea currently holds a full-time job and works for Tanned and Beautiful out of her home in beautiful Chilliwack, BC; she hopes that very soon her company will grow and that she can start helping other women feel beautiful, confident, and unstoppable with her earrings.